Ashley’s Caribbean Chess Tour: US Virgin Islands
18.01.2012 – As previously reported the special chess promotional tour of Maurice Ashley took him to Martinique, Guadeloupe and Jamaica. Today the world’s first African-American grandmaster tells us about his adventures in St Croix, where a 13-year-old talent, who had recently finished the Central American Games with a perfect 7-0, had him fighting for survival in a blindfold exhibition. Report and podcast.
Ashley in Jamaica – Caribbean Chess Tour of a GM
28.12.2011 – GM Maurice Ashley, who in 1999 became the first African-American grandmaster of chess, was born in Jamaica, where he spent the first twelve years of his life. Returning to his first home – and meeting an uncle for the first time – was the hightlight of a Caribbean tour, and involved promoting the “Magnificent Chess Foundation”. Even the new Prime Minister Andrew Holness supports it.
Ashley in Guadeloupe – Caribbean Chess Tour of a GM
28.11.2011 – GM Maurice Ashley, who in 1999 was the first African-American to attain the coveted title of International grandmaster of chess, has become an ambassador of the game. On his Caribbean Chess Tour, after visiting Martinique, he went on the incredible tropical island of Guadeloupe – and found a similar amount of enthusiasm for the game there. Here is his pictorial report on the trip.
Ashley in Martinique – GM bearing gifts
23.11.2011 – In 1999 Maurice Ashley was the first African-American to attain the coveted title of International Grandmaster of Chess, and he has become an ambassador of the game, especially in the Caribbean area. Recently he embarked on a Caribbean Chess Tour, where his first stop was Martinique. He motivated local school children with simultaneous games and gifts from the ChessBase shop.
Maurice Ashley: What Grandmasters Don’t See
21.10.2011 – “Maurice Ashley scores again as favorite teacher with this DVD,” writes Steven Dowd. “Ashley teaches with a entertainingly fast pace, is quick to crack a good joke, and simply relates well to the audience. If there really were a ChessBase University, Ashley would be a candidate for teacher of the year, and would be my hands-down choice to win.” Review in Chess Cafe.
Maurice Ashley rounds up Bilbao today!
08.10.2011 – This afternoon from New York, at 4 PM EST and 10 PM Paris, the dynamic and popular commentator GM Maurice Ashley will be the guest host of the Bilbao round up show on Playchess, where he will not only summarize the action of the day, but he will also take questions from the spectators. This show is free for Premium subscribers so consider upgrading if you haven’t already. Don’t miss it!
Belize: painted faces and chess on stilts
30.06.2011 – The Central American nation, south of Mexico, has a population of just 333,000. But in this country, with its spectacular abundance of terrestrial and marine species, chess has become a national passtime. Last May the best players from each district throughout Belize met for what they call a “Chess Olympiad”. A special guest at the event, GM Maurice Ashley, sent us this beautiful pictorial report.
Final round in Monaco starts at 12:30 p.m.
24.03.2011 – We don’t want you to miss a minute of it: so for your information on the final day of the 20th Amber Blindfold and Rapid tournament play begins two hours earlier than usual – at 12:30 p.m. CET instead of 14:30. While you are waiting, or in the pauses between the games, you might want to watch commentary by GMs Maurice Ashley and Daniel King in previous rounds. All on Playchess.
Ashley: ‘Chess is intellectual karate!’
16.11.2010 – Maurice Ashley is a US grandmaster, commentator and teacher, one of the best in the world. He is also the author of one of our most popular Fritz Trainers (“Aikido chess”). In a remarkable 24-minute “Big Think” interview – of the very highest technical quality, we may add – Maurice gives us insights into his career and his chess thinking. Very revealing, very entertaining – must watch.
Ashley’s Secret: Aikido Chess!
20.10.2010 – American GM Maurice Ashley is one of the games premier commentators. He has authored books, traveled the world promoting the virtues of chess and has recently released a DVD in partnership with ChessBase. It offers a new and general strategy: look for what your opponents last move did that actually hurt his position. Review by Michael Jeffreys.
Maurice Ashley: The Secret to Chess
08.10.2010 – Since going into a self-imposed hiatus from tournament chess, GM Maurice Ashley has not rested on his laurels as arguably one of the game’s premier commentators. He has authored a couple of books, traveled the world promoting the virtues of chess and has recently released another DVD in partnership with ChessBase. Review in Chess Drum.
Magnus pounds The World in RAW Chess Challenge
12.09.2010 – It was the chess spectacle of the year. Tens of thousands of spectators joined three strong grandmasters to play the world’s highest ranked player Magnus Carlsen. The event took place in a penthouse overlooking New York City, with GMs Maurice Ashley and Garry Kasparov commenting, and Hollywood actress Liv Tyler dropping in. We bring you pictures and the annotated game.
Maurice Ashley: The Secret to Chess
02.09.2010 – This is one you really do not want to miss. Star international trainer and commentator Maurice Ashley reveals a secret he discovered on his way to becoming a chess grandmaster. It is a simple idea that anyone can understand – something that you can use immediately to improve your game. Maurice’s entertaining style and great clarity make this a first class DVD. Here’s a sample lesson.
Ashley on CNN: ‘I just knew I would be a great chess player’
10.07.2008 – Maurice Ashley is the first black chess grandmaster in history. He is also one of the games finest ambassadors, an ardent spokesman and advocate of the intellectual and character building effects in young people for over 15 years. In a short CNN report, part of the series on “Black in America”, he speaks about the driving forces in his life and his career. We bring you Maurice unsquished.
Maurice Ashley on Hip Hop, GZA and Will Smith
08.07.2006 – He is the first black grandmaster in history, and also an extraordinary chess teacher, an organiser and a friend of the stars. In this indepth interview by Adisa Banjoko, the “Bishop of Hip Hop”, Maurice Ashley tells about his life, his likes and his encounters with GZA and Will Smith. Fascinating stuff.
The richest open tournament in chess history
18.09.2004 – Welcome to the HB Global Chess Challenge, to be held in Minneapolis from May 18–22, 2005. It is the brain-child of GM Maurice Ashley, who revealed yesterday that the prize fund would be an unprecedented US $500,000 ($50,000 in cash for the winner). You can register today. We bring you all the details…
Postcards from Tripoli
28.06.2004 – You last saw writer Paul Hoffman on ESPN. No, not playing shortstop for the Mets or winning the world’s strongest man competition. He joined GMs Maurice Ashley and Yasser Seirawan in the Kasparov – Fritz TV coverage, playing the roles of science expert and straight man. Now he’s in Tripoli and you won’t believe what he’s gotten up to this time.
Maurice Ashley appears in PBS documentary
04.02.2004 – GM Maurice Ashley will appear in a TV documentary entitled America: Beyond the Color Line, which will be broadcast in two parts on Public Television in the US beginning at 9 pm New York time, Tuesday, February 3. GM Ashley appears in the second installment which will be broadcast at the same hour on Wednesday, February 4. Here’s the full story…
The luck of the draw has run out
28.04.2003 – It’s the 2003 US Championship. Eight players are tied for first place going into the final round. A thrilling shootout with tens of thousands of dollars in play. You drove the family four hours to watch. You arrive 10 minutes late, and three of the games are already over. Stop the madness! See how GM Maurice Ashley handles the problem at his Generation Chess Tournament, in Mig on Chess #190.
Maurice Ashley, everyday hero
26.02.2002 – Guess who has been nominated an “Everyday hero” by Burger King? Maurice Ashley, the first and only African-American to achieve the title of International Grandmaster. “Ashley is a hero because he’s given back to the community that has given him so much”. As Director of Chess Programs for the Harlem Educational Activities Fund he has been by helping to develop the self esteem of local kids with chess. You will find the Burger King award page here.

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