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Black to move and win

Black to move and win



  1. 1… h3
    If 2.Bxh3 then Rxh2. 3.Kxh2 Qg3+ 4. Kh1 Qxh3++
    If 2.Bf3-Rf2 and 2 possibilities:
    a) 3.RxR- Qa1 + and mate NeXT mouvement
    b) 3.Rg1-Rxh2+. 4.Kxh2-Qxg1 ++
    It the bishop remains in g2 in the second move, the pawn takes it and white not only loose the bishop but also the queen and it is mate also.

    Happy new year from Catalonia!

    • There is a c) possibility: Rb1 o Rd1… Rxh2, Kxh2-Qg3+,Kh1 -h2 and NeXT Qg1 mate after promotion.

    • It seems Maurice has given us a clue in the title and the move after 1… h3; 2 Bf3 is not 2… Rf2 but 2… Rd8!! Now Black is threatening 3… Rg8 followed by mate on g1 and White is moreorless helpless. He has no time to try to defend say by taking B+P for R on e3 since after 3 Re1 Rg8; 4 Rxe3 Qg8#. Or 3 Qf5 Rg8; 4 Qxh3 Qg1+; 5 Rxg1 Rg1#.

      And defending the back rank doesn’t work either. After 3 Re1 (or other moves) Rg8; 4 Qb1 Black has a mate on g2! i.e. 4… Qg2+!!; 5 Bxg2 hg# which I think you’d be showing your friends for a while. (Even if 3 Ra1 weren’t en prise White has no time to rearrange his pieces to defend g1 and g2 with Q on f1 and R on say e1.).

      The really neat bit is that after White’s best try 3 Qxb7+ Qxb7; 4 Bxb7 Kxb7 White is still helpless with his R tied to the back rank and K immobilised. Black simply blocks the White K side Ps with his K and plays f3, f2, Rg8 and mate on g1! E.g. 5 b5 f3; 6 ba+ (6 Rxf3 Rd1+ mates) Kh8; 7 c5 f2; 8 c6 Rg8; 9 c7 Rg1+; 10 Rxg1 fg=Q#. Deferring the exchanges on b7 doesn’t help either e.g. 3 Re1 Rg8; 4 Qxb7+ Qxb7; 5 Bxb7 Kxb7; 6 b5 f3; 7 Rxe3 f2!; 8 Rf3 Rg1#.

  2. Dwayne Dibbley says:

    This is a good move!

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