Knight’s Rock Tour (Part 1) Solution

Ashley 2012, White to move and win

Ashley 2012, White to move and win

Can you guess where the knight ultimately wants to go? You’ll crack a smile when you figure out.

1.Nf2 Ke3 2.Nd1+

2.Kg2 Kf4 forces White to go back.

2…Kd2 3.Nb2 Kc3 4.Na4+ Kb4 5.Nb6 Kc5 6.Nc8

The knight finally escapes the king’s desperate chase. But its journey is not quite done.

7…Kd5 8.Ne7+ Ke5 9.Nf5 Kf6

Forced. If 9…Kf4 10.Nxh4! wins on the spot.


The knight immediately heads to the winning square. Also playable is 10.Kg2 Ke5 11.Kf3 Kd5 12.Ke3 Ke5 13.Nd4! with an eye to its ultimate destination.

10…Ke5 11.Nf3+!

The knight finally arrives at its goal. It took 11 moves to get from h1 to f3!


Once again, 11…Kf4 is met by 12.Nxh4!


With the knight on f3, the king can now waltz up the board and end all resistance.

12…Kg6 13.Kf2 Kf6 14.Ke3 Kg6 15.Ke4 Kf6 16.Kd5 Kg6 17.Ke5 Kh6 18.Kf5 h3 19.Kf6 and wins.

Though there were different move orders that would have decided the game, the knight’s direct march across the board illustrates that it’s good to have a sense of humor to improve at chess.


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